Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome to Jeju

Welcome to Jeju Island. A lovely place of 300,000 people that isn't nearly as scary to navigate as it looks (when you don't read Korean, it looks pretty scary)

Can you see how this might be a problem?

This is a little better

After entirely too much flying, I arrived sunday night. A guy met me at the airport and took me to my temporary hotel where i proceeded to do my best garfield impersonation. The next morning I had a fast, professional medical exam (to make sure I'm healthy and not on drugs before they hire me). I then took the rest of the day to wander around and get my bearings. A trip to the harbor and the market highlighted the exploring.

I only got slightly homesick once that day. And ironically, it wasn't my texas home I was missing.

I saw this randomly while walking down the street. I miss the Tyn Church and Staromestske Namesti :(

I also found out that I may be a minor rock star here. I was walking through the city when I passed by 3 buses full of schoolgirls. As I went by all the girls started smiling, waving, calling out hi, giving me thumbs up, making hearts with their hands, blowing kisses, screaming towards me. This happened with each of the buses. I smiled and waved back and that made them go even crazier. I'd only seen reactions like that to celebrities on tv. Crazy (and a little fun) :)

Tuesday consisted of watching monday night football from 10am-1:30pm (time zone fun). After that came another trip to the waterfront. I filled in more details of my mental map of the area, found a very useful store, enjoyed a lovely day and had a good 3 hour walk. Thursday i'm supposed to sign my contract and will hopefully move into my new apartment this weekend. I'll keep you posted on details. For now enjoy my two favorite pictures from the island so far

View looking towards the center of the island with the old volcano in the background

A solitary fisherman


  1. Luke! I'm so excited! I want to visit Asia so badly and eat rice and noodles and stay in a tiny apt!!!

    Your rockstar status is hilarious! Remember: in the US, those fans would be considered jailbait.

  2. hahaha duh Ness. I wasn't interested in any of them. They were kids. It just made me laugh :)