Saturday, October 2, 2010

Time for me to go

It's been a bit since I put an update here. Of course since i've been home, my updates would have been mind-bogglingly dull (ie. played golf today. spend time with friends. it was fun. had mexican food for the 5 time this week. continuing my single-handed effort to deplete the world's supply of Dr. Pepper, etc)

However change is in the wind (as opposed to dollars??). This wednesday I was given a tentative job offer on the Island of Jeju in South Korea (pictured below). It had everything I was looking for. Good salary, above average vacation, perfect location, fair workload, free housing, free flight there and back. There was only one catch. It required me to prepare a ton of paperwork by sunday and to physically leave by next sunday. But what's life without a little chaos in it?

So two days, 500 miles of driving, and many MANY hours of planning later, I acquired all the necessary documents and decided to accept the offer. Now I have one week left to prepare and say goodbye. Unlike last year, I won't be able to come home at Christmas. This is goodbye for a year (stop cheering!)

That's where I'll be, way down at the bottom

I promise to send an update including pictures once I get there. For now, here is a map of Korea with Jeju in pink. You've seen this before but I want to remind everyone, I will be FAR from North Korea. I will be safe and I promise not to go anywhere near the DMZ.

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