Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beach Volleyball Tournament = Great Sunday

 At Iho Beach

I'll keep it short.  Vicky's shadowing has gone well and now she has some time off before she starts next week.  So as far as i'm concerned, this time off is a birthday present for her (her birthday is the 27th).

Iho Beach volleyball courts

The other side of Iho beach

I'm also doing well.  The weekend was especially fun since I was invited to play with some friends in a beach volleyball tournament.  The competition was all day Sunday at Iho Beach (about 10-15 minutes from our place).  Our team turned out to be surprisingly good and even more surprisingly, i wasn't a weak link.  I somehow remembered how to bump, set and serve.  Spiking and blocking came easier (just used my tennis serve motion and my basketball shotblocking instincts).  Thanks to my friend Liz who did most of the setting for me, spikes were as simple as aim for the weak player and go for it.  Blocking was even better since it fired up our team so much and scared the other team away from attacking.

Let's get it started


Check the sand explosion below the feet

We went 10-0 in C level pool play sets.  Then we got bumped up to B bracket for the tournament and shockingly, we won!  By the end of it I was exhausted, sore and sunburnt but happy for all.  Perhaps the best part was that Vicky came out and took pictures.  She gets all the credit for the well timed photos.  Look for yourself.   :)


No chance 

We are the Champions!  My friends!

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