Sunday, July 8, 2012

The crazy week that was

The view from our balcony on a good day

Sorry for the lone picture in this update but the last week has been completely crazy.  Who knew that a combination of .... finding places to stay until the apartment was ready, finding out it was ready, moving in, getting the AC, water heater and gas fixed, getting 2 single beds, a table and a chair put in, plus getting the internet installed and finding a wifi router to set up, finding a way to block the windows so sleeping in was possible without spending a fortune plus starting work plus preparing for Vicky to arrive .... would be so stressful?

Fortunately everything i listed above is done now.  The apartment is starting to look like the home I envisioned when i first saw it.  Work is excellent.  The classes are small and easy to teach.  The work load is relatively light and my coworkers are nice.  For the next 2 weeks i'll be at work from 3-8:30 (i actually finish at 7 but the director wants me to stay longer and i'm fine with that.  It's more time for reading, photo editing and relaxing.)  After that we'll switch to a morning schedule while the kids are out of regular school for the month of August.  In short, with the stressful part out of the way, life on jeju is about to become very very good  :)

Did i mention Vicky is almost here?  She's actually on the plane from Seoul to Jeju now.  So i'm off to a happy reunion at the airport.  Till next time :)

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