Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's like seeing Jeju again for the first time

City Hall and Halla Mountain, HDR style

Remember how I said last week I was off to meet Vicky at the airport?  Of course you do.  Well with only minor trouble (a bag that was 2 days late), I found her and brought her back.  She has settled in nicely and her sense of wonder at seeing the Asian way of life infuses the mundane tasks of everyday life with joy.  I (wisely) left the larger wardrobe to her and she's putting it to good use.  She even managed to find some websites that helped her label the washing machine which is all in Korean (and finding the translations was no easy task when you don't have a Korean keyboard to replicate the letters you're seeing).  So far this week I've been taking her around to the best restaurants on the island and introducing her to it's most interesting people.

Attention, we interrupt this update to say sorry for not having lots of pictures but grey, hazy skies make for lousy shots.  So instead here is a series of pictures i've been having fun playing with from our family trip to St. Thomas on 2005.  These all come from the same picture, with the original first.  Enjoy :)

This is the original Dad took at sunrise.  Cool huh?

Ok where was I?  Oh yea.  With those friends we've been playing games like Cards Against Humanity, ping pong, badminton and pool.  I've even played screen golf with my Texas buddy Jeb to help sate my golfing fix.  Screen golf is where you hit a ball indoors against a screen that simulates various golf courses from all over the world.   A computer analyzes your shot and shows what it would have done on a real course.  It's not foolproof (it subtracts anywhere from 15-50 yards from my shots and the greens hold approaches like they replaced the grass with superglue) but it's definitely fun.  I even manged to shoot even par my last round (in that it's certainly NOT like real golf).

This is the same picture cleaned up so you can see what's in the shadows and the clouds are less of a bright blur

Later this week Vicky is going to start shadowing classes.  For one week before her actual start date, she's going to go watch class and the current teacher to learn how the curriculum works.  We both believe that for a new teacher, watching and helping an experienced teacher will be invaluable experience.  I think it's a great decision and support it and her 100%.

Finally this is the same picture with the colors strengthened to create an image I really like

And because my Texas roots won't be denied, 2x24packs of Dr. Pepper will be delivered to our apartment in the next day or two.  Sometimes you gotta stop and enjoy the little things in life!

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