Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What happens when you tell a Jeju teenager you're from Texas

 City Hall as seen from our apartment building

Not a lot to report this week.  Vicky started her first day teaching alone today.  I'll find out how that went in about half an hour.  I'm in the 3 week period where i'm teaching in the morning.  Not my preferred schedule since the school uses the extra time to fill my schedule to the brim.  Plus with Vicky staying on our normal night rotation, it means we only see each other late at night.  Fortunately it's only till the 14th.

Halla Mountain framed by Jeju City

Not much else to report.  We went to the beach for a night swim sunday evening and laughed as several high school students plus a random man from Sri Lanka came up to talk to us as we were swimming around.  When we told the high school boys where we were from, they reacted with "Yee Haw!!" and mimed riding horses, followed by a gunfight.  haha such are the lives of waygooks on Jeju.

Us on a clear day on the roof

Sunset on the mountain.  Am I the only one who finds pictures like this cool?

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