Friday, September 4, 2009


I discovered I am in sad shape recently. Tim and I moved into our new flat friday and it was then that i discovered I definitely have a minor addiction to the internet. It hasn't been installed yet and this has put me out of touch with the rest of the world. It was very sad the next day and very nice today.

While I would certainly like to have emails reach me in a timely manner, not having the web to putz around on has got me reading the classics (Pride and Prejudice) and poetry (a collection of Robert Frost's work) while listening to beautiful classical music. I found this was the perfect way to spend a cool, gray fall day (autumn actually starts in September here like its supposed to). I also went to a very nice church this morning which I liked quite a bit, all things considered. I went with a couple from my TEFL class, Josh and Emily Whittenburg, who share my beliefs and are a pleasure to spend time with.

I start work this week but I only have 1 class i'm teaching so far. Hopefully they will be able to build me up to full time work quickly. In the mean time, I'm enjoying myself as much as possible and adjusting to my new home and life. I really feel God's peace in my life right now and that is a great comfort. I am praying this whole experience will help to strengthen and grow my faith. However, for right now I'd settle for him making my friend's plane arrive on time. We have our first houseguest tonight and i'm very excited.

In basic summary: this has been a very challenging month and a half in almost every way possible but I believe it was the right choice to come here and despite occasional bouts of sadness (which is part of perfectly normal culture-shock) I really am enjoying this wonderful opportunity. For now, here is a 5 picture tour of my room and part of the view out my large bedroom windows. Its not huge but I like it.

PS. To those who expect me to be sillier, sorry for the meditative tone of this. I've been in an excellent but reflective mood for the last couple days.

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