Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great News!!!

Ok, normally I don't do entries back to back but I'll make an exception here. I just received some wonderful news from work.

Up until now I had been teaching 5 classes a week, spread out over the week. 12 90minute classes is considered working full time. Today I was offered 9 more classes, 5 in a group on Tuesday, 4 in a group on Thursday. Its in a town about an hour outside of Prague. That is the only bad part and even that isn't that bad since its all by bus or train, so the commute is relaxing. Now for how this is good, let me count the ways.

1. It means that now I'm working full time (much needed money).
2. Because the classes are mostly on Tues Thurs, it means I can pick up more classes to teach or have more time to travel the rest of the week.
3. The classes are more relaxed. In most of them, from what i've been told, they want to focus almost exclusively on conversation. We would spend class discussing current events, politics, holidays, hobbies, history, anything really.
4. So basically I will be getting paid to talk. Knowing my dad and how much i'm like him, I'm sure you'll understand that this will be hard for me.
5. The students are supposed to be eager and wonderful. The last teacher was very sad he had to stop teaching them.

So you can see why I think this is great news. It puts me in position to not worry about money and gives me the flexibility to handle the rest of my schedule as I see fit. I'm extremely happy with my employer, James Cook Language, so far. Hopefully this continues.

For now here is a picture of part of the view out my bedroom window and one of the huge statue in Wenceslas Square in the heart of Prague (and the National Museum behind it).

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