Saturday, September 26, 2009

My first football (soccer) match

Today I went to see my first professional soccer (futball) match. It was definitely interesting, but mostly because of the atmosphere. The game itself was a 1-1 tie and while soccer is slowly growing on me, its still only slightly more interesting than watching CSPAN. The fun part was watching the fans (they throw beer A LOT), listening to their chants (Olé!, Olé!, Olé!, Olé!), and drinking in the atmosphere of a regular season game (or in the case of most of the crowd, just drinking). All in all, not bad but I think I'll wait for a more important game before I go again. The soccer fanatics were disappointingly tame tonight.

I am currently smack in the middle of a 3 day weekend. To take advantage of this rare privilege, I am going to leave Prague for the first time since I arrived here tomorrow and go see the castle at Karlstejin. Many pictures shall accompany this expedition.

On all other fronts life is good. I start my new, full-time schedule Tuesday (which I'm very excited about) and hopefully next week I'll go to Germany to see a friend and visit Oktoberfest. Right now I'm planning a trip out of Prague every weekend for the next month. Gotta travel while the weather is still nice. As you can see from my first picture, its already cold enough here that hoodies are necessary at night.

Thanks for all your comments and emails about my posts. Its nice to hear what my loved ones think of this crazy but fun life I'm living. TTFN

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