Monday, September 28, 2009

Karlstejn Castle

Yesterday I decided to take advantage of what may be the last truly lovely weather we have this year and head out of Prague to visit Karlstejn Castle. For those of you who don't know (which is probably everyone), Karlstejn was built by Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV as a stronghold for both himself and the Bohemian Crown Jewels in the 14th century. Due to an excellent location and strong walls, the castle has never been captured. It is definitely an impressive sight.

When I arrived, I discovered I had come on the day of a festival (gotta love lucky coincidences). This meant there were so many people I ended up waiting half an hour at the castle gate before I could get in. However, it also meant that while I waited for my tour to start I was treated to bellydancing, whips, juggling, snake charming and live music (good trade).

The castle was great. The interior was sparsely furnished but that's how it really was at the time. The exterior was majestic and the valley it sits above was stunningly picturesque. And I have the pictures and videos to prove it.

Tomorrow I start my first week of full-time work. I'm excited (and a little nervous). I meet 5 new groups that I will be teaching tomorrow, so any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully they go as well as everything else has so far. For now, I'm off to plan my lessons to insure they do.

Don't forget to send me updates on how all of you are doing. I love hearing updates from friends and family! For now, here are the pictures and videos I promised.

Full gallery of pictures here

Karlstejn Castle and Village

Karlstejn Village

Karlstejn Valley

The Castle at Sunset

The railway station at dusk

The guys playing their light, fun tune while I waited for my tour.

The bellydancers couldn't resist dancing (even when they're sitting)

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