Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I did it. My teacher training program is finished! I am now a licensed ESL teacher. In fact, our entire group of 19 graduated (usually a couple fail). I am exhausted but very proud. This course was seriously challenging for the pure volume of work. Even I was pushed hard by it and that hasn't happened often to me before. And it only makes the accomplishment sweeter.

However, great as this accomplishment feels, it can't match a moment from earlier this week. That came courtesy of one of my students named George. He's in his early 50s and is very outgoing and fun when he isn't taking naps (kinda like Grandad in Arizona). He told me (in his deep, dracula sounding accent) "You did very good today in class. I could not fall asleep once!" Right then, I knew I was ready.

Now Tim and I are shifting focus from school to starting work and moving into our new flat. And great news on that front, our flat has a sleeper couch. Hopefully here in another week or two, we might even get into something like a routine. And once that happens, our travels will begin and pictures will abound!

For now, enjoy these pictures of Old Town Square during a 2 week festival dedicated to the Golem, the mythical protector of the Jews. Sadly enough, my favorite part of this festival is the excellent and cheap food available in the square. haha, I guess some things never change.