Saturday, September 12, 2009

Settling In

Good morning guys. Tim and I have now lived in our flat for one week. And now he likes it (but only because about half a dozen girls told him how great it was). Overall, I'm very happy here and am enjoying the process of working my way into full time hours. I now have 6 90minute classes (3 of these classes start next week) (12 is considered full time) . So far i've only taught one, a 2+ hour private lesson with a nice, quiet man at Ikea. It was very enjoyable and i'm looking forward to doing more lessons with him.

Aside from work, life is going well too. This weekend doesn't have any special plans (other than going to an American bar to watch the Cowboys sunday night!) but in two weeks I'm planning to go visit my friend in Munich. While I'm there I'll take a day to go to Oktoberfest (because I HAVE to do that just to say I did it), spend one visiting Neuschwanstein and one doing who-knows-what.

And darn the luck, the people helping me with my visa just told me that i'll have to go to Vienna 2 or 3 times as part of the visa process. Life is so hard here. It breaks my heart but I guess I'll make the sacrifice.

The internet is supposed to be installed in our flat monday, so I will be able to keep this more up-to-date then. For now, I continue my updates from KFC (they have free Wifi over here and its close by).

Oh and since summers here are lovely and I'm trying to take advantage of it, here are some pictures from a recent walk I took with a Czech friend of mine. Hope you enjoy them.

This does a wonderful job of characterizing Prague's summer.

We found a rainbow in the sky that had no business being there (since it hadn't rained). We didn't object.

I don't know exactly why, but I love this picture. It seems so poetic to me.

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