Monday, September 21, 2009

Prague celebrates International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

First, today is a sad day since my Cowboys lost a game they REALLY should have won. Otherwise, this week has been great. Tim got a full time job and soon we'll both be raking in the money. We get a long weekend thanks to a Czech holiday this coming monday. Hopefully we can do a little traveling during that time.

Saturday night was great. A bunch of my friends and I went to a wine tasting and free outdoor concert in a city park. I have no idea if the wine was good (I arrived late) but the music was hilariously fun. The first band was a kind of silly techno group and the lead singer had a pirate bandana on in honor of international talk like a pirate day (one of my favorite holidays for the obvious reason that you get to TALK LIKE A PIRATE all day). Then they had a fire dancer for the intermission and then a Latino Salsa band. So we had a park full of people merrily drinking and dancing. It was so fun. We all danced the whole time they played.

Work continues to go well. I'm becoming a better and more thorough teacher every day. I'm continuing to pick up new classes and so far I love all my groups. The students are all adults, who are strongly motivated to learn and a pleasure to teach.

To hold you over until the next update, here are some pictures from a recent tour of Prague. I went back to the Prague Castle to show it to a friend (it was still breathtaking). I also posted a few more pictures from my walk in a park that was off the beaten path and one of a dinner out with the guys.

Dinner at a Mexican food place with friends. You'd almost think I never left Texas. (From left to right: Josh, Dave, Tim, Me)

The Cathedral found a new way to be stunning for my 2nd visit.

The Vltava River which bisects Prague.

More lovely countryside (except this is still in the city)

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